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Energy - point difference conditions

commodityCode productOverview theSmallestFluctuation
minimumPriceFluctuation spread
_1HandValue minimumMaximumNumberOfTrades marginRatio stopLossDistance
OIL WTI Oil 0.01000 USD 1 0.03 100 Barrels 1/280 1.5 % 0
NGAS Natural Gas 0.00100 USD 1 0.03 1000 MMBtu 1/180 3 % 0
OILMn WTI Oil Mini 0.01000 USD 0.1 0.03 10 Barrels 1/2800 1.5 % 0
GSOIL London Gas Oil 0.01000 USD 0.04 1.2 4 Tonnes 1/200 3 % 0
BRENT Brent Crude Oil 0.01000 USD 1 0.03 100 Barrels 1/280 1.5 % 0

* Set the minimum stop - loss minimum points for the order according to the current market price.

The margin for CFD is calculated as the margin ratio at the opening price of the number of contracts, not the leverage ratio based on your real account.

If trading goods in the same direction, the upfront payment ratio needs to be higher than 100%, and if CFDS are used for lock-in transactions, only 50% margin is required.

The above spread conditions apply to all types of HFM accounts

Please note that the platform will not automatically extend the futures contract after it expires.

Since the trading platform cannot trade negative priced financial commodities, when the price of any energy commodity (OIL, OIL Mn, BRENT, GSOIL and NGAS) falls to zero, the company will be forced to liquidate the position at the last market price.

commodityCode productOverview serverTime workday theBellOnMonday closedOnFriday
OIL WTI Oil GMT +3 01:05-23:55 01:05 23:10
NGAS Natural Gas GMT +3 01:05-23:55 01:05 23:10
OILMn WTI Oil Mini GMT +3 01:05-23:55 01:05 23:10
GSOIL London Gas Oil GMT +3 03:05-23:55 03:05 23:10
BRENT Brent Crude Oil GMT +3 03:05-00:55 03:05 23:10

Please note that the platform will not automatically extend the futures contract after it expires.

productOverview commodityCode theNewContract openAPosition canOnlyBeLiquidated dateDue contractExpirationDate matureLiquidContracts
Brent Crude Oil BRENT Dec 2022-09-28 2022-10-27 2022-10-28 monthly matureLiquidContracts
London Gas Oil GSOIL Oct 2022-09-08 2022-10-06 2022-10-07 monthly Due to the contract**
Natural Gas NGAS Nov 2022-09-26 2022-10-25 2022-10-26 monthly Due to the contract**
WTI Oil OIL Nov 2022-09-16 2022-10-18 2022-10-19 monthly Due to the contract**
WTI Oil Mini OILMn Nov 2022-09-16 2022-10-18 2022-10-19 monthly Due to the contract**

Before the delivery period expires, only positions can be closed and the maturity date may change. This is based on the rollover delivery regulations established by the current quotation, and the liquidity of the valid contract and the next new contract. The business day following the launch of a new product, usually the expiration date of the previous contract.

The maturity date varies from month to month depending on the delivery schedule of the liquidity provider and the contract liquidity.

Note that the platform does not automatically extend when the futures contract expires.

About energy

Energy prices are most typically characterized by high volatility as a result of political and environmental factors. Many supply and demand factors also affect energy prices, the most influential being global economic growth. When the economy is booming, energy demand increases; When the economy is depressed, energy consumption decreases.

In addition to economic changes, catastrophic weather conditions can have a dramatic impact on energy, causing disruptions in the supply of crude oil, natural gas or oil. Therefore, such conditions can increase or decrease the demand for customer service associated with these energies. In addition, in some of the world's largest gas fields, global energy prices are largely affected by political instability.

Oil has a global, 24-hour market, Its price is constantly changing. The oil market is an ideal tool for day traders looking for quick moves and choosing CF Ds as the simplest method of trading oil prices.