HFM Ultra-Low Spread Account advantage

Effective immediately, trade a variety of commodities through the HFM Ultra-Low Ultra-Low spread account, includingGold、EURUSD、USDJPY、EURJPY、GBPUSDAnd many other commodities, no longer need to pay overnight interest. In addition, the following advantages will be shared:
  • No overnight interest
  • Zero fee
  • Leverage up to 1000:1
  • Point spreads as low as 0.6
  • Negative balance protection policy
  • Very low income requirement
xm zero mobile screenshot

HFM Faqs on Ultra-Low Accounts

If I already have an HFM account, I can open an HFM An ultra-low spread account?

Yes, you can open an ultra-low spread account through the members area.

HFM What is the maximum leverage of an ultra-low spread account?

The highest leverage is 1000:1.

Can I log in to the HFM Ultra Low spread account using any of the HFM platforms?

Yes, you can log in to ST5 from Windows, Mac, I Phone, I Pad and Android devices.

HFM What commodities are traded in the ultra-low spread account?

HFM Ultra-low spread accounts can trade all commodities.

Can I transfer the funds from the existing HFM account to HFM Ultra-low spread account?

Yes, but please note that any trading allowance will be deducted pro rata if transferred from your current trading account to your HFM Ultra-Low spread account.